Apr 3, 2012




Two days of printing. Color reproduction from my camera is poo, but no time to fix it as I'm catching a train to Kuopio in less than an hour. Happy Easter time!


suzie said...

oh my….wonderful! Are these are reductive prints? How does wood cut differ from lino apart from the obvious?

Saranna said...

I cut two blocks for these, one for each color. I'm going to try reductive printing soon, though, since I'd need a press for transferring the picture onto another block.

I'm obviously not the most experienced printmaker, but so far the biggest difference is the preparations the wood requires, how much color it soaks up and the cutting(the wood grain makes it impossible to cut a certain way sometimes). I'd say wood is more unpredictable than lino. In a way, the differences are much like the differences in shooting film vs. digital now that I think about it :D