Nov 11, 2013

Works in process.

I have my first ever solo show coming up next March at Arkadia International Bookshop. I've settled on a working title for the exhibition: Hippies And Hipsters. I'm going through my father's photographs from the 1970s when he was about my age as well as my own, finding similarities in the ways young people pose and want to be photographed.

The idea of us branding ourselves and hiding behind labels like "hippie" or "hipster" is very interesting to me. I don't want to judge or praise, just state that it's something people my age do in western culture.

I've been searching for a way to combine acrylic paint and woodcut printmaking and I think I'm finally finding marks and little visual things that I want to pursue. 

There's plenty of coursework I never got around to publishing here. 

Nov 10, 2013


My grad show installation is looking like this at the moment. It won't truly be complete 'til it's at the exhibition and there's someone sitting in it, but all the pieces are nearly ready.

You can find the exhibition website here: Välittömästi and my little page here.